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Areas of Practice

Our Expertise

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Trusts and Trustees
  • Restitution and Unjust Enrichment
  • Contract, Commercial and Companies
  • Tortious Liability

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the legal services we are able to provide you.

  • Contract

    interpretation of contracts
    breach of contract and termination
    limitation and exclusion of liability
    frustration and force majeure
    restraint of trade
    unfair contract terms
    duress and undue influence
    specific performance
  • Commercial

    sale of goods and supply of services
    international trade
    bills of lading
    carriage of goods by sea
    conflict of laws
    banking and finance
    bills of exchange
    letters of credit 
    commercial insurance
  • Companies

    shareholders' agreements
    shareholders' rights
    share sale agreements
    directors duties and liabilities
    fiduciary duties
    minority oppression
    derivative actions
    agency and authority
    corporate fraud
    corporate governance
  • Equity, Trusts and Restitution

    unjust enrichment and restitution
    commercial and private trusts
    private client work
    estate planning
    constructive and resulting trusts
    breach of trust

    duties and powers of trustees and fiduciaries
    trust deeds
    injunctive relief
    dishonest assistance
    knowing receipt
  • Tortious Liability

    defamation and malicious falsehood
    product liability

    trade secrets and confidential information
    economic torts
    vicarious liability
    abuse of process


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