The Practice

Weng & Co is a compact and highly specialised practice, guided by the paramount objective of assisting our clients in the effective and efficient management of their legal rights and liabilities as well as commercial risks.

The practice has a core focus on commercial, company and contract law, that integral body of law which responds to the needs and requirements of the business community.

Commercial men value certainty and clarity in the law. They also understand that legal issues and disputes are an inevitable, albeit non-profitable, part of business. Sound and quality legal advice is thus no mere luxury. It is a necessity.

After all, it is not always sufficiently appreciated that, in a world of increasingly sophisticated commercial contracts and instruments, even a misplaced comma has the potential to bring about very significant financial consequences.



Areas of Practice

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Contract, Commercial and Companies
  • Restitution and Unjust Enrichment
  • Telecommunications and Multimedia
  • Trust and Trustees


Notable Cases

A selection of cases in which Weng has appeared.